15 May 2015

Surf & Work In One Suit

Imagine only putting on one suit and being able to surf and walk into the office without changing. Quicksilver has done just that they have made a wet suit to look like an actual suit. There’s even a tie and all. For the die hard surfers who got a 9-5

25 Apr 2015

Robert Himler Dies At 24

For the people who don’t know Robert Himler, he was a 24 year old phone app programmer who had some amazing cars. He also had been a big poster on youtube of his and his friends cars. I been following Robert for a few years now, and I know he

13 Mar 2015

Swap Racing Is Nuts! But I want to do it!

Since I found the video of the Thai boat racing I been on a binge of watching boat racing videos. I find them insanely fun to watch and to be honest I want to do it. I been looking at building or buying a boat. Problem I came up with

05 Mar 2015

Furious 7 Extended First Look Trailer

Do I need to say more. This is the last film Paul Walker will be in and well its the next installment of the Fast and Furious movies. I can’t wait to see it next month. April 3rd. Mark your calenders.

04 Mar 2015

And Here It Is!!!

Koenigsegg’s second ‘megacar’, the Regera, has been revealed at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. When we say megacar we do mean it. This baby pack specs that blow the mind. 1500hp 5.0L V8 twin turbocharged and 3 electric motors teleport this monster of a car from point A to point C. Then

25 Feb 2015

Thai Racing Boats

To kick off the new awesome stuff section we thought we would post this insane video of Thailand long tail racing boats. This thing sounds like 1 million wasps pushing this boat. This thing sounds mean! Not only that, this boat is fast! Safe probably not but what is safe