01 Nov 2016

Jon Olsson’s Camo Huracan LP610-4

Jon Olsson is not a household name and no he is not related to the Olsen twins. This Jon Olsson is a freestyle skier with a passion for exotics. His line up of cars consisted of a Audi RS6 DTM, an Audi R8, a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Lamborghini Murcielago, a Nissan

31 Oct 2016

Database Problem Popping Its Head Again

A problem we been dealing with in the past has popped its evil head once again. We thought we fixed it but we need to take a look at it again. Our database doesn’t like publishing content that we have posted to be scheduled for a later day. We have

06 Oct 2016

The Grand Tour Trailer

The orangutan Jeremy Clarkson with his 2 side kicks James May and Richard Hammond are coming back this November and we are besides ourselves. The trio has released the newest trailer to their upcoming show on Facebook with the caption… “This could be so expensive…. The Grand Tour streams weekly on

14 Sep 2016

Ken Block’s GYMKHANA NINE: Raw Industrial Playground

Ken Block is on fire this year. Just earlier this year he released gymkhana 8 where he tears up the streets of Dubai now he is back and this time he back in some industrial park showing off his insane driving. Am I the only one who wanted to see

01 Mar 2016

Ken Block’s Ultimate Exotic Playground in Dubai

Ken Block is back at it. This time instead of causing more unwanted traffic in LA he is tearing up the streets of Dubai.  

15 May 2015

Surf & Work In One Suit

Imagine only putting on one suit and being able to surf and walk into the office without changing. Quicksilver has done just that they have made a wet suit to look like an actual suit. There’s even a tie and all. For the die hard surfers who got a 9-5